What is an ECAD Audit?

The ECAD, or Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure ordinance (as outlined in Chapter 6-7 Energy Conservation of the Austin City Code), mandates energy audits and disclosures for all houses and buildings located within Austin city limits and served by Austin Energy.

Affordable ECAD Audit Reports

In addition to ECAD Specialist’s fast turnaround, pricing for all ECAD reports are affordable:

  • $149 for 1 AC system

  • $229 for 2 AC systems

  • $299 for 3 AC systems

  • Please call (512) 584-4604 to inquire about pricing on homes over 2500 square feet.


Does My Property Need an ECAD Audit?

Most homes and buildings in Austin require an ECAD audit. City of Austin law requires residential, commercial and multi-family buildings to comply with the audit, however implementation of the recommendations are not required. Click here to check whether or not your property requires an ECAD. 

ECAD Audits for Single Family Homes and Condos

All homes and condos for sale in the City of Austin are required to have a residential ECAD audit conducted if they are over 10 years old and use Austin Energy as their electrical utility provider. The results must then be disclosed to potential buyers.

What are the Benefits of an ECAD Audit?

The purpose of the ECAD ordinance is to promote energy efficiency in Austin. ECAD audits help identify potential energy savings in homes and other residential and commercial buildings. Improving energy efficiency has many benefits, including:

  • Increasing comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ)

  • Increasing value and marketability of the property

  • Saving money

  • Reducing each building’s overall overall carbon footprint (as well as the carbon footprint of Austin as a whole!)

Each ECAD audit results in a report that is extremely beneficial for any homeowner or potential homebuyer. These reports can identify the rebates your home may qualify for through Austin Energy and Texas Gas Services. The energy audit offers eye-opening insights into how you can improve your home’s comfort while saving money on energy bills.

Quick, Same-Day Turnaround ECAD Reports

The Austin's ECAD Specialist team can provide a report for your home or client’s property quickly and easily. If you’re in a rush to sell, ECAD Specialist has you covered. As soon as payment is received, Austin's ECAD Specialist will provide you with your ECAD audit report allowing you to satisfy Austin’s ordinance and get valuable information about which energy efficiency updates will be most beneficial for your property.

Contact Austin's ECAD Specialist today to schedule an ECAD audit for your Austin property!

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