Texas recently signed new legislation into law that moves the state’s single-family residential building energy code from the 2009 to the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

The codes ensure a tighter building envelope, duct system, and properly balanced air distribution. Often it is better to schedule us to do the duct leakage test during the rough-in stage of the duct system. This will allow us to test for leakage and if any are found it is easier to remedy the issues in this stage. We will work with your HVAC provider to educate and fix any issues we find. The rest of the energy code inspection can be scheduled at a later date.

Energy codes exist to ensure new buildings are built with best practices in mind and as energy efficient as possible. Your new home build needs to satisfy all requirements in order to avoid building delays, fines, and potential hazards. That’s where Austin's ECAD Specialist comes in!


Texas Energy Code Inspections for New Homes


Austin's ECAD Specialist performs third-party energy code inspections to help move your new home build along without any issues. We specialize in energy efficiency audits so you can be sure all IECC standards required in Texas are met, if not exceeded. We want to guarantee your home is compliant and energy-efficient for years to come.

If you have questions about the testing, code requirements, or general home energy efficiency questions we encourage you to call and discuss with us. 


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  • Stephen Standley was like an energy efficiency doctor for our house!

    Luise T., Austin, Texas
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    Cameo R., Austin, Texas
  • As a construction professional for over 30 years, I highly recommend Stephen from ECAD Specialist to my clients.

    Barbara K., Austin, Texas
  • Stephen is probably the smartest ECAD auditor in Austin. He and his team are extremely thorough and efficient at analyzing your building. Whenever I need an outside auditor for my projects, I use Stephen.

    Shawn A. Mansur, Austin, Texas