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Video: Exterior Wall Insulation Retrofit

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This video from our friends at Go Green Star explains how to insulate a home's walls from the exterior, for improved energy performance and reduced energy bills, with minimum intrusion. 

Video: Indoor Air Quality is a Threat to Public Health.

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This week we had a job sucking out the old insulation of a client’s home. They had recently got rid of a squirrel family living in the attic so this insulation was full, I mean full of feces. Him and his family had been breathing in this air for years, making is indoor air quality very poor.

Did you know that the EPA ranks indoor air quality among the top 5 threats to public health in North America? It's true: poor indoor air quality may lead to asthma, allergies, or even death.

Video: Superinsulation Doesn't Work if the Windows Leak

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In this installment of Green Building Advisor's "Job Site Visits" series, building science guru Joe Lstiburek explains why insulating a house to the highest standards won't do much good if the home still has significant air leakage.