Video: Indoor Air Quality is a Threat to Public Health.

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This week we had a job sucking out the old insulation of a client’s home. They had recently got rid of a squirrel family living in the attic so this insulation was full, I mean full of feces. Him and his family had been breathing in this air for years, making is indoor air quality very poor.

Did you know that the EPA ranks indoor air quality among the top 5 threats to public health in North America? It's true: poor indoor air quality may lead to asthma, allergies, or even death.

One sure-fire way to reduce the risk of unsafe indoor air quality is to have a home performance upgrade. For Austin homes the best method is to close off the attic from effecting the air of your living space. We do this by sucking out the old insulation, completely air sealing the attic floor and then re-insulating the attic to an R-38. This keeps the toxic air from the attic out of your home and away from your family. Contact us to learn more!

Indoor Air Quality from Billy Hunt on Vimeo.



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