Home Energy Efficiency Assessments


Just like you visit your doctor annually, your Austin home needs to get a check-up as well. A home efficiency and performance specialist can perform an audit to evaluate the general health of your home as well as address a specific problem, such as a room being too hot or too cold.

Austin's ECAD Specialist will look at the components that make up your entire home to determine how they work together. Taking into account all systems (including HVAC, appliances, climate, occupants and more), we will then provide a variety of solutions and recommendations for how to address these issues. Discovering how to make your home more energy efficient will create a more comfortable, healthy and cost-effective place for you and your family to live.


What Does an Energy Efficiency Assessment Cover?

Energy audits from Austin's ECAD Specialist combine various visual inspections, a duct leakage test, a blower door test and thermal image analysis using an infrared camera.

Blower Door Test

A blower door test assesses air leakage in your home, often the biggest issue affecting your homes efficiency. The process involves using a powerful fan mounted into an exterior door of your house. As the fan pulls air out of your home, the air pressure inside decreases. Outdoor air then flows into the house through any gaps or holes which then cause gauges on the blower door to measure the pressure and airflow, determining how much air leakage exists. If leaks are present, our recommendation is to air seal and by sealing up this leakage you’ll increase comfort, save energy and improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Thermal Infrared Imaging Analysis

Thermal imaging is used to determine air leaks and how well the insulation in your home is performing. The temperatures of the surfaces in your home are measured, which help to assess where air is leaking from the exterior or attic space and where insulation may be needed to prevent excess heat from entering the home during the hot Austin summer. Infrared images can provide a vivid image of the hidden issues you may never realize are there, just like an X-ray from your doctor.


Duct Leakage

Duct Leakage Testing shows homeowners how effective and efficient their duct system is operating. High leakage can be a cause for alarm and explain all sorts of problems like to hot/cold of rooms, dust and weird pressure changes throughout the home.

Duct System Air Flow

We use a capture hood to determine the amount of air coming out of each of your duct vents to see how well the system is balanced. If airflow is low this is a sign that a duct run could be smashed or kinked, a duct run is to long or even that the duct system is in need of a major redesign.


Custom Report

We dont rely on generic software that spits out the same report for every house tested, I have tried them and they always seem to say the same thing. Houses are unique, their issues are unique and the recommendations to improve those systems will be unique. We painstakingly create a fully custom report for every client, it takes longer and can be tedious but it's worth the results.


Austin's ECAD Specialist: Your Energy Efficiency Expert

Most “free” energy audits come along with an aggressive sales pitch and general suggestions not based on actual data. At Austin's ECAD Specialist, we are dedicated to providing objective, scientific energy audits that spare you any kind of pitch for the affordable price of $200 to $400 for most homes.

We use our knowledge and the results of our tests to gather real information about your home. All of our recommendations are then based on the outcome of our inspection and scientific testing. We will provide a clear and prioritized plan on any home performance upgrades your home may need. It’s our top priority to ensure your home is an energy efficient and comfortable.


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